Michael Douglas (Mikey Douglas) left Balshaw's Church of England High School in 1988/89

He is now a top celebrity hairdresser – he is the current resident hairdresser on the ONE SHOW.

His talents include working backstage as a session stylist at the runways of London, New York, Paris and Milan creating gorgeous styles for some of the biggest names in the industry, namely Yasmin Le Bon, Jodi Kidd and Kate Moss.

He’s produced gorgeous stylised hair for fashion shoots for high profile publications including Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Glamour, GQ, and FHM to name but a few. His professional, likeable nature and ability to create beautiful styles quickly and under pressure means that he’s the fashion editor’s stylist of choice. And we chose him to help answer some of your pressing hair questions and here’s what he had to say…

With over 17 years experience in creating beautiful hair styles and translating trends, it’s no wonder Shockwaves have brought him on board as Style Director.

In 2003 he had an article about him in the Times newspaper. Extract below:

From Times Online
November 15, 2003
: One to watch

Michael Douglas is a cut above the rest, says Daphne Lockyer

If cooking is the new rock’n’roll then hairdressing is, perhaps, the new sex and drugs. So says Michael Douglas — no, not that one, but the enfant terrible of the British hairdressing industry and a man who is to highlights, gel and straighteners what Jamie Oliver is to arugula, pasta and extra virgin olive oil.
“Just go into any Boots and look at the range of hair care products on sale,” he advises. “As a culture we’re totally obsessed with our hair.”

Douglas should know. For the past year Britain’s grooviest hairdresser (check out the Vespa, the guitar, the 1960s style and the client list that includes Davina McCall and Amanda Holden) has been taking his art out of the salon and on to the streets, where he allots himself eight minutes to transform the hairstyles of members of the public from haystack to Hollywood.

“Last year we recorded 40 of these slots and I can only remember one guy who wasn’t happy with the result. As he was leaving he took out a beany hat from his pocket and pulled it over his head. Everyone else I think has been pretty satisfied.” So they should be. After all, the 30-year-old’s credentials are impressive. Not only is he head honcho of Wella International’s consumer advisory team, he is also responsible for the hairstyles of models who have appeared on the covers of Britain’s most glamorous magazines, Gareth Gates’s spikes and myriad avant garde catwalk creations.

“Yeah,” he admits. “I’ve worked at fashion shows with all the top supermodels. The first time they put Kate Moss in front of me I was shaking like a leaf. I was thinking this shouldn’t be happening to a boy from Leyland.”

In the North West, where he grew up and where men are men and not hairdressers, he is a phenomenon, but fame extends far beyond home. “I was in Toulouse last weekend and I was recognised four times.” With a new series of half-hour shows on Discovery Health called The Stylistic beginning this week, Douglas’s profile will rise further. He is also working on two more shows, the first of which is called Hair Therapy. Part makeover show, part soap opera, the programme was inspired by Douglas talking to his clients and realising that “a new look is often connected with a crisis. Just look at how many women cut their hair when they’ve lost a bloke.” Also in the pipeline is a global hair show, “a kind of Whicker’s World of hair”.

First, however, he has business to attend to at home in North London. He married in March and his wife, Tracey, is expecting their first child in January. “Not all hairdressers are gay,” he laughs. And not all have a name whose Hollywood associations give rise to a million jokes a day. “The Michael Douglas thing can be hard at times, but sometimes it’s quite funny.”

There was the time, for example, when he was called in to do the hair at a celebrity wedding. “Actually, it was Michael Caine’s daughter. When I met the man himself he thumped me on the back and said, ‘Hi, I’m Michael Caine. You must be Michael Douglas.’”

Famewise he isn’t yet in the same league as the Michael Douglas. But he is, perhaps, the hair apparent.